Self priming pumps

1WireCeramic Copper
2Stator & RotorLC (0.5 mm)
3BodyAluminum(Heavy weight )  & Cast iron
5BearingHCH Bearing
6Oil SealBest Quality
7CapacitorGokul Capacitor
8NRVBest Quality

Applications from water, fuels, effluent or “grey water”, right through to raw sewage, industrial wastewater and sewage sludge can be effectively handled by self priming centrifugal pumps.

ModelSP 50 E& SP 50 ECSP 50 EA & SP 50 ECASP 50 A & SP 50 ACSP 100 & SP 100 CRT
Kw/HP0.37/0.50.37/0.50.37/0.5 0.75/1.0
Current(Aws)3.0 Amps3.0 Amps3.5  Amps5.8  Amps
Rated Head (mts)24 mts24 mts28  mts36 mts
Rated Discharge (Lph)900 Lph1100 Lph1200 Lph1250 Lph
Suction Size25 feet25 feet25 feet25 feet
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