regenerative Pumps

1WireCeramic Copper
2Stator & RotorLC (0.5 mm)
3BodyAluminium(Heavy weight )  & Cast iron
5BearingHCH Bearing
6Oil SealBest Quality
7CapacitorGokul Capacitor
8NRVBest Quality

Regenerative pumps are used  for instance, in car wash installations, to increase pressure in water networks, in the chemical industry or in mechanical engineering for cooling, recirculation and as small boiler feed pump. Besides, they are used for enrichment and mixture of liquids with gases.

ModelSP  50 V & SP 50 VAL
Current(Aws)4.5 Amps
Rated Head (mts)26 mts
Rated Discharge (Lph)1250 Lph
Suction Size30 Feet
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