Open Well Pumps

S.NO Component Quality
1 Wire Polywrap
2 Body Stainless steel
3 Stator & Rotor LC (0. 50 mm)
4 Shaft Stainless steel
5 “T”  Bush Gun metal bush
6 Impeller Noryle
7 Bearing Pad Best Quality

Open well Submersible pumps are found in many applications, and are used for Domestic and communal water supply, Drinking water supply, Irrigation purpose, Agricultural use, Construction site, Cooling water circulating system, Water distribution to high rise buildings and Industries.

ModelSow 50Sow 100
Current(Amps)8 Amps9.5 Amps

Rated Head (mts)

26 mts36 mts
Rated Discharge (Lph)3500 Lph4600 Lph
Suction Size1 1/4  Inches 1 1/4  Inches
Delivery Size1 Inch1 Inch
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